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Eliminates Distortion

Seiko's patented design is the first to use a perfect sphere on the front surface of the lens. Conventional progressive lens designs place or split the power between the front and back surfaces. This elegantly simple, but complex step eliminates the magnification factors that cause virtually all of the swim and sway distortion found in conventional progressive addition lenses. Wearers experience stable, smooth vision throughout the lens, with no annoying distortion.
At the basic level of internal design technology, Succeed lenses are highly advanced. This design customizes aspheric compensation in the progressive channel based on the patient's complete Rx. The result is a much wider viewing areas throughout the lens.

Seiko Succeed has a soft design that is enjoyed by first time wearers. It is recommended for people with active lifestyles and for prescriptions with low to medium add powers.

Advanced software guides the machines used to create a free-form lens. Seiko software calculates the curves required, taking into account the entire prescription--sphere, cylinder, axis, add power and prism--and creates a "three-dimensional" map which is then processed onto the back surface of the lens.

One advantage of this design is that the prescription is closer to the wearer's eye. This is similar to looking through an antique door lock--the closer your eye gets to the keyhole, the more of the next room you can see.

Progressive lens designs are usually described as being harder or softer, depending on their design and the features they offer the wearer.
First time wearers are amazed by the clear and stable vision and experienced wearers appreciate the extra-wide visual fields--near, far and in-between.

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